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Cycle to work scheme for ALL

Do you as an employer offer a cycle to work scheme to your employees? If you don't then its really east to get setup and running, there are plenty of cycle to work schemes out there that will allow you to tap in to them as a bigger resource so that you can offer it without the red tape. However, if you want to setup your own then this HMRC page explains it.

Some of the local schemes are:

  • Cycle 2 Work

  • Bike 2 Work


The schemes offer your staff the opportunity to buy a new bike out of their wages before tax over a series of payment plans starting from 12 months through to 36 months. Some cycle shops and schemes give you FREE lights and safety equipment when you buy a bike as well. Whats holding you back from getting involved. This is a free scheme that is simple to setup, gives your employees that toy that they have wanted but cant afford. tax free and interest free loans, keeping your staff fit and energised.

Its a no brainer

If you want to learn more about the schemes give one of the team a call or drop us an email and we will explain how it all works.

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