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10 Reasons why your business should hire an APPRENTICE

Since 2015 apprenticeship schemes have been coming out of the woodwork and are a major government focus. back in the 80's and 90's these schemes were only available for people that wanted to go in to a skilled trade. However now they are available to everyone. Since the change in school leaving age and the rules around leaving education these schemes have been an absolute gem of a resource for employers to get more cost effective employees and give back to a young person that has drive to succeed.

Now whilst keeping costs down should never be a driver in your business when an apprentice is concerned, there are a huge number of bonuses that come with an apprentice.


  1. Fully funded training

  2. FREE recruitment solution from the apprenticeship schemes

  3. Cost effective and great ROI

  4. Upskill Staff

  5. Improve brand image and company reputation

  6. Fresh ideas and innovation

  7. Improve productivity whilst reducing costs

  8. Bring in younger business engagement creating new clients

  9. Give back to young talent

  10. Keeping the community thriving

Please also don't forget that this person is in your business to learn on the job so you will also need to give up some of your valuable time to train this individual. but the rewards will pay dividends.

Why wouldn't you get an apprentice when there are so many positives?

If you want a list of the local providers for an apprentice scheme give one of the team a call or drop us an email and we will explain all the benefits and what you can claim back.

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