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Shop with SMALL businesses and support local

Updated: Dec 20, 2018

We all talk about shopping with small businesses and keeping it local but how many of us end up in the bigger stores.

So whats the difference and why should you shop with small businesses.

Well its simple.

When you buy from a small business a local person benefits from the money you have purchased that item with....... I know, I have just stated the obvious. But what does that money mean to that local person?

  • It feeds them

  • It feeds their family who in turn serve the community

  • The person gives back to the community by remaining open which in turn gives a local landlord and the council money for rent and taxes which in turn benefit our community

  • Customer service will be a lot better as a local business cares about you as an individual because they have met you

  • They are more cost effective than the larger chains as they have less lighting, building, transport costs and other overheads.

CHALLENGE: Can you do all your shopping this Christmas with local businesses. Even shopping on Amazon will support small businesses more than going to the bigger stores or chains. Try it, Try shopping local for a month and see if you get a better feeling about spending your hard earned cash with locals that want to chat, make you feel welcome in your own community and give you an experience that you will remember rather that wish you could forget.

Watch this space in February when we are planning a series of events to support the local businesses that support us. If you want to get involved, comment on our facebook and let us know who you are.

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